About Me

Walking Earth - BillI have a passion for supporting the development of collaborative networks at a local level, using technology to leap barriers of distance, skills and cost.

WhaleSongServices is a small [one-person] consulting and contract-services firm that will support you and your business or organisation to improve. I can help develop thorough social, economic or educational research and collaborate with you to manage existing projects to time and budget. I can also assist in designing or deploying IT to improve your productivity. 

Over the years, I have worked closely with many not-for-profit organisations, some local governments and small businesses across many jurisdictions, so understand the importance of direct, ethical, impartial and timely advice and support.

Whether you are looking for advice on using technology in your small business, improving the productivity or service delivery of your team or developing detailed research for a major submission to government or other funders, I can help.

I believe my methods are simple yet precise.

  • I can support your work by using research skills and sound communication strategies to develop an evidence-base for your work
  • From a sound evidence base, we will be able to develop coherent, measurable and achievable strategies that will make sense for you and your business or organisation
  • By utilising telecommunications technology you can develop networks of influence and support for your work as well as reduce costs and time.
  • From a connected and accountable evidence-base, you can advance the core goals of your organisation or business.
  • With personalised training and support, you can directly improve your personal productivity and that of your team or organisation.

I have over 30 years experience, employed in education, training, not-for-for-profit and government organisations.

I have both a Bachelor of Education [Bed] and Master of Education Policy [International] from the University of Melbourne.

I co-founded the I*EARN Network in Australia in the late 1980’s and developed and delivered the Victorian Global Classroom Project [Web Archive] to over 300 schools in every State and Territory in Australia and a further 300 schools and their governments in over 20 countries around the world. I chaired the International I*EARN Management Team for three years and was a co-signtaory to the inaugural I*EARN constitution signed in Argentina. I*EARN (International Education and Resource Network) is a non-profit organization and now has over 50,000 educators and 2 Million students in more than 140 countries.

I was awarded the inaugural Victorian “Teacher of the Year” award [Secondary] in 1994.

I have been the General Manager of the “Virtual Museum” of Museum Victoria.

I have managed the new and emerging Skills unit of the [then] Office of Training and Tertiary Education [OTTE] and was the inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the Central Ranges Local Learning and Employment Network Inc from 2002 – 2009[CRLLEN].

I have worked closely with local, state and federal governments to support the growth of evidence-based planning in post-compulsory education, skills and employment policy as well as policy planning for the deployment of broadband telecommunications infrastructure for rural Australia and dealing with the unique challenges of Place

I have delivered many key-note presentations to audiences of as few as 10 and as many as 2000, focussing on educational reform, evidence-based planning and the role of IT in education & training as well as community economic and social development.

I encourage you to make an enquiry, please use the contact link to discuss any questions you might have.